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How do I troubleshoot and manage power settings on my Xumo TV?

Power settings

You can use these settings to manage power preferences on your Xumo TV:

  1. To turn ON your TV with casting from your mobile device (see Can I cast or screen mirror on Xumo TVs?), you must enable Wake with media casting in Settings > Device settings > Power preferences.

    • NOTE: if you turn this on, your TV will consume more power while in standby.

  2. By default, you must interact with your TV every 4 hours to keep it on (a remote button press will do). To keep your TV on all the time without any interaction, go to Settings > Device settings > Power preferences > Auto-off and set it to Off.

    • NOTE: if your TV is on an HDMI, Composite, or Antenna input and has no signal, it will always turn off after 15 minutes, even if this setting is Off, to conserve power.

  3. You can set a sleep timer by going to Settings > Screensaver > Sleep timer.

  4. You can turn off the standby LED by going to Settings > Device settings > Power preferences > Power light and turning it Off.

  5. To choose which input is used when your TV powers on, see Can I assign a default input to my Xumo TV?


Why isn’t the power button on the remote working?

If you press the power button and your TV doesn’t wake up, make sure your remote is pointed at the TV and that the bottom of the TV is free of obstructions. Then, try pressing the power button again.

If you try to turn on your TV while it’s booting, it won’t respond to the POWER button (on remote or panel). This process takes about 1 minute, so if the power button doesn’t work after following the steps above, wait 60 seconds, and try again.

If you’re still having problems, reach out to our care agents or (as a last resort) try restoring your TV to the factory settings.

Why is the screen dark after I plug in my TV?

After setting up your TV, when you connect it to power (either by pulling the plug/plugging it back in, or turning off/on a power strip, or when power is restored following a power outage), it will boot up into Standby. This is to ensure the TV doesn’t come on and stay on in the event power is restored after an outage. 


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