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What privacy settings are available on Xumo TV?

To customize your TV’s privacy features, go to Settings > Privacy, or say “Privacy” into your voice remote. Your Xumo TV’s privacy features include:


  • Resume Watching allows recently watched programs from Xumo TV tiles, “On Now”, and “My Library” to be displayed on your television. Toggle feature Off/On based on preference.


  • Third-party app watch history allows you to control which apps share your watch history with Xumo TV. Enabling this feature will allow the applications you have permitted to send in-app viewing history to Xumo for display on the Xumo TV interface. Toggle per app provider, and consent/decline to confirm choice.  


  • Personalized recommendations suggests programs you’re likely to enjoy based on your watch history. Toggle On/Off


  • Personalized ads in third-party apps controls personalized ads on your Xumo TV; and allows third-party apps to use data shared by Xumo TV for personalized ads. Toggle On/Off, and confirm setting.  


  • Reset your advertising ID resets your current advertising ID to create a new history for personalized advertising. Click and confirm to reset.


  • Voice control enables the use of the Xumo TV voice remote’s built-in microphone. You can press and hold the voice button to change the channel or search for content, just by saying what you're looking for. Toggle On/Off  


  • Locally stored data delete locally stored data from third party applications. This can include login information and other historical data, such as watch progress within applications. Select, and follow prompts to delete data.


  • Mobile Video Casting allows your Xumo TV to appear as a mobile casting application on your home network. Some applications may not be supported, or may require you to be signed in on your Xumo TV. Toggle On/Off  



Learn more about privacy by reading the privacy policy governing Xumo TV. Xumo TV provides access to services operated by other companies. When using third-party apps, their privacy policies and terms of service apply. 


Note: Voice commands only work if your TV is connected to the Internet. Learn how to connect your TV to the internet.


Read the Xumo TV user manual to learn more about your TV’s privacy features.

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