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What accessibility features are available on Xumo TV?

To customize your TV's accessibility features, go to Settings > Accessibility . Your Xumo TV's accessibility features include:


  1. Closed captions display dialogue on your TV during movies and shows when using an antenna. You can customize caption appearance with Closed caption settings as well.
  2. Audio Description (AD) narrates supported programs with audio descriptions of key visuals while using an antenna.
  3. Voice Guidance reads what’s on your TV’s screen including menus, guides, and settings. You can adjust the speed Voice Guidance speech rate as well.
  4. Magnify text enlarges screen text in a highlighted window.
  5. Set remote shortcut so you can quickly turn on or off Closed captions, Audio Description (AD), or Voice Guidance by pressing the gear icon (located directly below the power button) on your remote twice.


You can turn Closed captions, Voice Guidance, and Audio Description (AD) on and off with your voice by saying “Closed Captions,” “Voice Guidance,” or “Audio description” into your remote.


Note: Voice commands only work if your TV is connected to the Internet. Learn how to connect your TV to the internet.

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