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How do I use Apple Airplay and HomeKit on my Xumo TV?

What is AirPlay®


AirPlay allows you to stream media content wirelessly from iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices to your Xumo TV.

What is HomeKit®


HomeKit is Apple's smart home platform, it allows you to control various internet-connected home devices from your Xumo TV!


What Xumo devices have AirPlay and HomeKit?

AirPlay and HomeKit are available on all Xumo TVs models. Your TV's software updates automatically when you have an internet connection. If you aren't connected to the internet, you may need to update your TV's firmware over USB.


Note: AirPlay and HomeKit are not available on Xumo Stream Box.


AirPlay, how do I get started?

AirPlay is ready to use on your Xumo TV, you do not need to do anything, just make sure your Apple device and Xumo TV are activated and connected to the same WiFi network.


HomeKit, how do I get started?

To use HomeKit for the first time, you will need to set up HomeKit on your Xumo TV.


You can manage your AirPlay and HomeKit settings at any time, go to: 

  1. Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit > Manage settings, this will take you into the AirPlay and HomeKit Settings screen.
  2. Then go to HomeKit > Set Up and scan the QR code on the TV to add your Xumo TV to "Apple Home."

Note: You can also access this menu by saying "AirPlay Settings," "HomeKit," or "HomeKit Settings" into your voice remote, or by selecting the AirPlay input tile.


To wake up your TV with media casting (either with the Xumo TV remote app, AirPlay, HomeKit or via casting from YouTube, Netflix, or another app), update your power preference to ON. This will enhance your experience but note your TV will consume more power.

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