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How do I re-arrange the apps row on my Xumo TV home screen


Navigate to your apps row (below the first row on the home screen) and follow these steps:

  1. Find the apps row on the home screen and hover over the app you would like to move.

  2. Using Xumo remote, Press the “...” button over the app you want to move.

  3. Move the app left or right using the Navigation pad of the remote.

  4. Press ENTER or the “…” button to place the app in the position you want or hit BACK to cancel your edit.




Can I add additional apps to my apps row on Xumo TV


Yes! You can add apps that are currently not in your apps row by following these steps:

  1. Launch any app that isn’t already in your home page apps row. It doesn’t matter how or where you launch it from.

  2. Exit the app by pressing “home” on the remote.

  3. Navigate to the top row on your home screen to see the tile for the app you just launched.

  4. Press “…” on your remote.

  5. Select “Add to Apps Row,” and your app will be placed in the 9th position in your Apps Row.

  6. (optional) You can move the app to a new location by pressing the “...” button when on the app and then by pressing left or right using the navigation pad on the remote.




Where can I install new Apps?

There is no app store, nor is there any need to install or delete apps. Xumo devices ship preinstalled with a library of apps that are ready to use. All apps update automatically to the latest versions over the internet. Automatic updates also mean that your device may gain new apps or lose access to apps that our partners request we remove.


How many apps can I have in my apps row?

You can have up to 24 apps in your apps row.


Note: The re-arrange apps feature is only available on Xumo TV devices at this time.

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