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Can I play media from my USB drive on Xumo TV?

How do I play files from my USB Drive?


  1. Connect your USB drive to your TV
  2. Press the INPUT button on your remote
  3. Choose "Media player" from the list of inputs
  4. Choose your drive from the list that appears (if more than 1 drive is connected); use the DPAD to navigate the list, and SELECT to choose a drive, folder, or file
  5. Pick a file to play
  6. Press BACK on your remote to return to the file list


You can also say "USB", "USB Drive", or "Media Player" into your remote to launch the USB media player if your TV is activated and online.


Video/Audio files


When you select an audio or video file from the supported files on your drive, you will see playback controls with the following buttons: 


  • Play/Pause
  • Skip back 10 seconds
  • Skip ahead 10 seconds
  • Restart


    Audio files will show a static image of grey bars over black background during playback.


    The screensaver will appear while audio files are playing (per the Settings > Screensaver > Start after setting).


    Note: There is no auto-play next video/audio file functionality. You must press BACK on your remote and choose another file if you want to watch or listen to more content.




    When you select a supported image file, it will show the image full screen without cropping (after a brief distractor).


    When viewing an image full screen,


    • You can move to the next or previous image in the directory with the LEFT and RIGHT buttons.
    • Pressing UP, DOWN, or SELECT while on an image will bring up or dismiss the image info overlay.


    You can also start or stop a slideshow of images with the PLAY/PAUSE button on the image info overlay. When a slideshow is playing, the media player will cycle through all images in the same folder (aka directory) on your drive. 


    To adjust the speed of the slideshow, you can go to the top-level menu in the media player, choose "Media player settings," and adjust the "Slideshow speed" setting. There are three speeds: 


    • Slow: 10 seconds.
    • Medium: 6 seconds (this is the default)
    • Fast: 4 seconds


    What formats are supported?



    File type: MP4, TS, MOV


    Resolution: up to max supported by TV (ex: 4k TVs support 4k video playback). 4k content must be encoded with HEVC (h.265). Up to 1080p is officially supported with h.264 encoding.


    Xumo TV officially supports standard resolutions (example: 1920x1080 is supported, but 1920x864 is not).


    Dynamic range: As TV.


    Audio format: As TV.


    Note: Closed Captions (embedded or included with the mp4 as a stand-alone file) are not supported in the USB media player at this time.



    File types: MP3, WAV



    File types: JPG, JPEG, PNG


    Unsupported file types


    Files with the following extensions will appear in the file browser as "unsupported":


  • tiff
  • tif
  • bmp
  • avi
  • m4a
  • flac
  • aac
  • wma
  • txt
  • bin
  • enc

    The following characters are restricted in folder names: ~`.,!@#$%^&*()+={}<>[](space)

    The following characters are restricted in file names: ,`~?!$@#%^&*+={}[]<>

    If a file doesn't have one of the extensions listed above, has a restricted character in the file name, and/or is not a supported file type, it won't appear at all.


    Are there any restrictions on file or drive format?


    Your USB drive must be formatted as EXFAT or FAT32.


    Can I update my TV with a USB drive?

    Yes! See how to update your Xumo TV manually.


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