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Xumo Stream Box Warranty Information

If you are experiencing an issue with your Xumo Stream Box, first consult our support site troubleshooting articles before submitting a warranty claim. Our articles have many step-by-step guides that will resolve most issues.

For any malfunctioning Xumo Stream Boxes, if you wish to replace or return your device, you must first make a warranty claim. The process is described below.


Your Xumo Stream Box is covered by an original purchase warranty for 12 months from your date of purchase. Depending on how you received your device, your warranty claim may be fulfilled by a responsible party other than Xumo. Xumo does not offer extended warranties, although you may want to check with your credit card company for extended warranty coverage.

Who should I contact for a warranty claim?

The appropriate warranty claim route depends on how you received your Xumo device. Below is a table of the responsible party for a warranty claim by service provider. 

   Service Provider

   Responsible Party for Warranty Claim

Xumo Logo


Xfinity Logo


Spectrum Logo


Mediacom Xtream Logo    Xumo*

*except for devices with an active service fee billing plan with your service provider.


Xumo-Responsible Warranty Claims Process

You may begin the warranty claim process using the steps below:

  1. At the bottom of this page, click on ‘Start Chat’ to connect with the Xumo support team.

  2. Ask a question about troubleshooting or warranty.

  3. To check warranty eligibility, the agent will need your device information. Check that you are logged into, and navigate to to find your device’s model and serial number. Alternatively, you can also find your device’s model and serial number on the bottom of your device, or on your TV under Settings > System Management > System Info.

  4. If device troubleshooting did not resolve your issue and your device is eligible for a replacement under warranty, an agent will send a warranty order request to your email address.

  5. In your inbox, open the warranty order request and provide a credit card number for a temporary hold. Xumo will automatically remove the hold when we receive your returned malfunctioning device.

  6. A Xumo agent will provide a tracking number for your replacement device.

  7. Once the replacement device is delivered, use the pre-paid packaging and shipping label to return the malfunctioning device. We recommend factory resetting your device before shipping it back to us.

  8. Xumo receives the malfunctioning device and removes your credit card hold.

Please keep in mind that products received by Xumo which have damage determined to be caused by the user may result in a denied warranty claim.

Xumo One Year Limited Warranty

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