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I see an error when I subscribe to a Streaming Networks show or movie. What should I do?

I’m seeing an error when I try to subscribe or make a purchase on my Xumo device?


Check to make sure you have:


    1. A Xumo account associated to the device.

    2. A valid method of payment on file.


To make purchases on your Xumo device, you must have a Xumo account with a valid method of payment associated.


How do I connect a Xumo TV to my Xumo account?


To setup or connect your Xumo TV to your Xumo account, go to Settings > Network > Add this TV to your Xumo account.


On your mobile device, computer or tablet go to the website displayed on your TV screen and enter the activation code shown on the TV into the web page. Follow the instructions on the web page to complete account setup.


When prompted to add a credit card, enter a valid method of payment.


How do I connect a Xumo Stream Box to my Xumo account?


Just sign in with your Xumo account when you set up your device. All you need is an email and password. You will also have the option to add a credit or debit card as your payment method to make purchases on your stream box.


My device is connected to a Xumo account but I’m still getting an error when I try to make a purchase. What do I do?


Be sure you have a valid method of payment associated with the account. Go to and confirm your method of payment is not expired and you are using the correct payment method.

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