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I can’t connect my Xumo TV to my WiFi connection. How can I fix it?

Why is the TV not accepting my WiFi network password?

Make sure you’ve selected the correct network name (SSID) and entered the right password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.


Note: In the older build versions, the “=” is not available on the keyboard, you may have to change your network password temporarily or setup your network connection using an ethernet connection. “=” is available on newer build versions which are updated automatically.


My TV is not finding my WiFi network, what should I do?

Check to make sure your modem or router is connected to the internet. An easy way to check is to see if you can access the network on a phone, computer, or other device.  If other devices can connect to the network, try restarting your modem or router.


If other devices can connect to your network, there may be a signal strength issue.  You can try to improve the signal strength by moving your modem or router closer to the TV if possible or work with your internet service provider on improving the WiFi signal strength in your home.


Why can’t I connect to my WiFi hotspot network?

Make sure your hotspot has a good connection and can be connected by other devices like computers.  If it is connected and the speed seems slow, try restarting your mobile hotspot.  If the speed doesn’t improve or the TV isn’t able to connect, connect the TV to another network either through a WiFi or ethernet connection as the TV may have a compatibility issue with your hotspot connection.


If you are still having problems connecting to your network, make sure your TV is on the latest build version by going to Settings > Device settings > About, with the version that is listed on If your TV is not on the latest version, download and install the latest version on your TV.


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