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Where can I watch MLS Season Pass?

Watch MLS Season Pass on your Xumo TV or Xumo Stream Box on the Apple TV+ app. You can also watch MLS Season Pass on the Apple TV app on Apple devices, as well as smart TVs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and on the web at


What is MLS Season Pass?


With MLS Season Pass, you can watch every match–including playoffs, Leagues Cup, and MLS Cup–like never before, no matter where you live. Watch live and on demand with no blackouts or restrictions.


Do I need an Apple TV+ subscription to get MLS Season Pass? 


No, you do not need Apple TV+ to purchase or watch MLS Season Pass. MLS Season Pass is a separate subscription from Apple TV+.


Can I sign up for MLS Season Pass through my Xumo account?


Yes! You can subscribe to MLS Season Pass from your Xumo account. Visit the Xumo Offers Page to learn more about the offers available.


How do I activate my Apple TV+ or MLS Season Pass subscription?


After you subscribe to Apple TV+ or MLS Season Pass, you will need to activate each subscription with an Apple ID. You can activate your Xumo subscription by going to the Xumo Subscriptions Page and clicking on “Activate.” From there, you will be redirected to Apple TV to activate your account with your Apple ID.


For more information on an Apple ID, including how to create a new one, visit the Apple ID Support site.

Can I manage my subscriptions in my Xumo account?

Yes! You can manage the subscriptions you have by signing into your Xumo Account. You can view account information, billing information, and manage your subscriptions purchased through your Xumo account.


Just remember that if you have any subscriptions that were not set up through Xumo, you’ll need to manage those on that app’s website, and not through your Xumo account.

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