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How do I fix a setup issue with my Xumo TV?

How do I exit out of store mode?

If your TV is in store mode, where you are seeing a scenic background image, try pressing thehome-icon 3 times, then press 7 on your remote.


Note: You may need to press the sequence of keys quickly. If your remote isn’t working, learn more about how to resolve your remote issues.


Why is the activation link or code not working?

If you’re having trouble activating your TV, try requesting a new activation code. Make sure you’re going to the website address (URL) that is displayed on the TV screen to enter the activation code.

Note:  The activation code will only work on the URL that is displayed on your TV.


It might also help to open a new page in your internet browser on your computer or mobile device and double check you have entered the correct URL.



What should I do if I see a specific error code on screen?

If you see error codes on screen like “ENT-310XX”, “BOE-3001/BOE-9001”, “AUTH-99002”, make sure your internet is working, try restarting your modem, and then try again to see if that solves the problem. You can also connect to the internet with an Ethernet cord for a faster connection and avoid using hotspot connections.



The software update is taking a long time to finish, what should I do?

When connecting your TV for the first time, your TV may need more time to finish downloading the latest software.  It can take 15 minutes or more, and you may also see the TV reboot more than once to complete the update.  Please wait until all reboots are done before you start using the TV. 


If the software update is taking more than 30 minutes to download or it’s not working (error code “ENT-410XX”), try connecting your TV to the internet with an Ethernet cord and avoid using hotspot connections.  Another option to update the firmware is to download it to a USB drive from 


Note:  You’ll not be able to access apps while the TV is performing a software update in the background.

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