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How do I connect my cable TV box to my Xumo TV?

When you first setup your TV, you’ll be prompted to connect external devices. You can choose this option to connect your cable TV box to the TV using a HDMI connection.


To connect your cable TV box after your TV is already set up


1.  Connect your cable TV box using a HDMI connection to an available HDMI port.

2.  Press the Input button on your remote.

3.  Select the HDMI input your cable TV box is connected to.


Note: You can only connect your TV cable box to your TV using the HDMI input.  The ANT/Cable port is only used to connect to a TV antenna if you have one.


For more help setting up your TV and connecting it to your other devices, please reference the Xumo TV user manual and Quick Start Guide for your TV manufacturer:

• Hisense Documentation: Here

• Element Documentation: Here

• Pioneer Documentation: Here

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