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How do I set up my Xumo Stream Box?

Before setting up your Xumo Stream Box, make sure your internet connection and WiFi are set up and turned on, and you have the network name and password ready. You will also need a separate device with internet browser access to complete activation. You can also use an Ethernet cable (not included) to set up a wired connection.


Connect the HDMI cable to your Xumo Stream Box and TV, then plug the power supply into an electrical outlet.


When the power indicator lights up, you can turn on your TV and select the correct HDMI source using INPUT or SOURCE on your TV or TV remote.


NOTE: Only use the supplied power adapter. Avoid outlets controlled by dimmers.


Follow the onscreen instructions to pair your remote and activate your Xumo Stream Box. Make sure the line of sight between the remote and Box isn’t blocked during setup.


Spectrum Subscribers: If prompted, select Spectrum as your TV provider to watch all your live content, favorite shows and more. For spectrum broadband subscribers, you can simply say “Spectrum” into your voice remote once you finish activation to subscribe.

Xfinity Subscribers: If prompted, select Xfinity as your TV provider to watch all your live content, favorite shows and more. 

For customers who do not have TV services: Xumo Play is included for you as a TV provider. Choose Xumo Play when prompted for TV Provider.


What if my remote is unresponsive?

First, ensure that your remote has fresh batteries. When you press any button on the remote you should see either a green or red light appear at the top of the remote. 


Next, ensure that you are within 3 feet of the device and have a clear line of sight between the remote and the Xumo Stream box. 


If the device still isn’t responding, hold down the 1 and 3 buttons on your remote for 3 seconds or until you see the light at the top of the remote flash green. 


I’m stuck trying to pair my Xumo Stream Box remote to my TV or speakers

  1. Unplug your device

  2. Repeat activation steps

  3. Select ‘no’ when prompted to pair TV or speakers in activation. 


You can attempt to re-pair your device after you finish activation by going to Settings > Connected Devices.


I don’t see my TV Provider in the guide

You can browse on now and upcoming live tv listings from select applications in the Xumo Stream Box tv guide. Xumo Play, Spectrum TV, and Xfinity Stream are all supported. 


Listings from YouTube TV, Sling, Tubi and Pluto are not currently supported in the main tv guide. You can still browse and watch live tv within each app. 


What if my Xumo Stream Box is unresponsive?

You may need to reset it by unplugging the power supply and then plugging it back in.



Xumo Stream Box Set Up - Video Tutorial


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