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What is My List?

When you add shows and movies to your list, they’ll appear all in one place. It’s an easy way to save titles you want to watch or quickly access old favorites. You can find your list on the home screen.


How do I find My List?


To get to My List, press the  home-iconbutton on your remote. You can also say “My List” into your voice remote or select “My List” on your home screen.  


How do I add items to My List?


To add movies or shows to your list, select the movie or show you want to add. The home-icon icon will appear below the title. Press the  home-iconTo add movies or shows to your list,


Note: Not all movies and shows can be added to your list. If there is no home-icon  icon under the title, this movie or show cannot be added. 


How do I remove items from My List?


       1 . Navigate to your list from the home screen.
       2 . Select the movie or show you’d like to remove.
       3 . Select the checkmark icon and a home-icon  appears. The item has now been removed.
       4 . Repeat these steps for any other items you’d like to remove.


Xumo Stream Box My List - Video Tutorial


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