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How do I deactivate my Xumo account?

To deactivate your Xumo Account, sign in to your Xumo account.


  • Unsubscribe to any current subscriptions by going to Subscriptions.
  • Unpair your Xumo devices by going to Devices (Any device you remove will factory reset, and you will need to sign back into any subscribed applications).
  • Select Deactivate Account under Account information by going to Account.

    Once confirmed, your method of payment on file will be removed automatically and you’ll be emailed a confirmation.


    Note: After your account is deactivated, your device will need to be setup again.


    Do I need to deactivate my account if I am giving away my Xumo TV?

    You do not have to deactivate your account. You can follow the privacy protection steps before you give away your Xumo TV.

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