Xumo TV Gets Even Smarter

Xumo’s goal is to make TV easy with a smart, intuitive user experience. It’s with this in mind that we are rolling out thoughtfully designed updates to the Xumo TV user interface to get customers to the programs they love faster, while also making it easier for them to discover something new to watch.

A detail view of Doctor Who in the recently played inside Xumo

What’s new?

It’s more immersive

With beautiful edge-to-edge background imagery that adapts to different content selections, Xumo TV now provides an immersive experience while browsing programs. This provides a captivating view that can aid in entertainment decisions.

It’s more personalized

To offer a truly tailored experience, Xumo TV’s apps row can now be customized to highlight go-to apps. It can also be reordered so the most frequently watched apps are easier to access. It takes just a few easy clicks of the Xumo remote to adjust the positioning and contents of the apps row.

It’s live

With ever-increasing demand for live TV, our latest update makes it even easier for Xumo TV customers to find and access the channel guide. By elevating its position within the interface, viewers can navigate to must-see programming with fewer clicks.

It’s rich in details

To help customers start watching even quicker, Xumo TV’s interface now displays key information including show synopses, duration and ratings front-and-center without having to click into the program. This makes for quicker decisions, less time navigating and more time watching.

Additionally, progress bars subtly enrich the Xumo interface by helping to signal where viewers left off and how much of a program they have remaining to watch. They also show up on programs airing in the channel guide for a quick glance at where viewers will be jumping in.

It’s contextual

Xumo TV’s experience has always incorporated both personalized recommendations and highlights from our team of editors. Now, the interface includes additional context in the featured row, with a layer of personalization to make suggestions more relevant to each viewer, like “trending” callouts for popular movies available on a subscribed streaming service or “new season” callouts on returning series a customer has previously watched.

Other features to check out on Xumo TV

These new updates join a host of other features within the Xumo TV experience that make streaming easy. The My List feature allows viewers to curate their own custom watchlist of shows and movies from any app, and the innovative voice remote makes finding a program as simple as saying its name.

This latest update further delivers on Xumo’s mission to make streaming easy.