Xumo Guide. Smart Recommendations for TV viewers.

Xumo brings linear, on-demand and catchup all together in one easy-to-use platform on a Smart TV. With the ever-increasing number of platforms to view content including terrestrial broadcast, cable boxes, catch-up, on-demand services as well as open internet it’s harder than ever for the consumer to find the content that delights them. Xumo makes it easy, presenting live, catch-up and on demand content in a single, easy-to-use, personalized experience.

We’ve created easy-to-use intuitive interface that makes discovery of relevant content effortless. Smart algorithm adjusts to your viewing habits and continually refines the accuracy of recommendations creating personalized experience. Finding what to watch has never been easier. “It was taking users too many clicks with their remotes to get to something exciting – TV is supposed to be entertainment not work,” Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO of Xumo

Xumo. The Smart Choice for Manufacturers

Xumo’s expertise covers the full delivery chain of digital content to the consumer. We provide turnkey solutions to the TV manufacturer including:

Content Discovery

Xumo provides multiple ways for the consumer to find the content they are looking for, from universal search across all providers to genres browsing features and personalised recommendations. Xumo also provides aggregation of IP streams for OEM’s deep linking to aggregators.

Content Recommendations

Xumo provides white label / API-accessed recommendations based on advanced user profiles and individual behavior.

Content Delivery

Xumo owns and manages their own online video platform, servers, storage, encoding, DRM and ACR Integration.

Data Services

Our data services help manufacturers to make the smart choice for their consumers.


Xumo guarantees Smart TV Display Ads, Linear video advert insertion into video streams and preroll advertisements before content play-out.

Xumo. Smart Solutions for Content Owners

Xumo’s ability to directly reach the consumer gives content owners and distributors a unique opportunity to increase the exposure of their products and services. We empower you to engage the consumer and acquire a better understanding of behavior and viewing preferences.

Xumo connects the consumer with content owners and distributors directly, allowing for powerful and smart content discovery. Xumo provides content owners higher quality consumers through smart data-use and innovative user interface design, bringing content recommendations, browse modes and universal search to their audience.

Xumo's Industry Partners

partner_vindicoUS largest video ad serving platform.
Management and analytics.
40% market share.

One of the largest multi-format ad networks globally.
More than 80% reach in US market.
Proprietary targeting techniques.
Over 200 US sales staff.


Largest free music site on the internet.
Over 600MM registered users and their data.
30MM monthly actives in US.

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